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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

2004: A year in review

It’s a little late, but I figured I should compile one of those end-of-year-thingys to sum up 2004.

It'll be a way of showing - at a glance - what I have learned, experienced and discovered over this past year.

It'll also save you the trouble of having to trawl through my archives looking for posts that 'interest' you...

So, here’s 30 posts that stand out for me over the last year:

Discovering how a man can get a great blowjob from a vacuum cleaner

Having a non-shag date

How I really spend my time

20 things I have in common with men

On Zipless fucks: having no-strings-attached sex

My experience as a woman in film

Mutually masturbating while driving

A little submission

Having trouble with selfish men

Playing at work

Another groundhog day

Finally giving it a try with a new guy

But he’s still fucking someone else

The end of my anal virginity

Making the choice: breaking up

On fisting myself

Fucking with fruit

How to have a Fuck Buddy

At home alone: twice the pleasure

Learning that you can’t always trust flirty women

How much I procrastinate

Having 20+ orgasms in one night

On Bully Wanks

Having closure: saying goodbye (and getting one last shag)

Cyber sex with a copper

Assessing whether I could ever be like Belle de Jour

Cock size doesn’t matter

Not fucking my friends

Shopping for sex toys

The art of silent wanking

If you haven't read them before, I hope you like 'em, and if you have read them, I hope they're still interesting the second time round.


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