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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I should really be asleep now, or at least attempting some sort of horizontal relaxation. My mind is a little occupied though. Been thinking about N today and can't get a particular scenario out of my mind. It goes as follows:

He gets an (empty) cardboard roll of kitchen towel and lubes it up well and good. He attaches it onto the hose end of his vacuum cleaner, and then slides his semi-hard cock into the empty end of the kitchen roll. Then he turns on the machine and lets nature take its course. According to N, no human can suck a cock that hard (I well believe that), and he said that no thrusting movement is necessary - the suction and vibration from the machine made him shoot his load within seconds.

Ok, so maybe the thought of a wad of spunk being sucked into your Hoover or Dyson doesn't really appeal, but for me the thought of a guy being sucked so fucking hard that he explodes down the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner really turns me on - I would love to watch that.

On that note, I think I shall adjourn to the bedroom and let nature take its course with me. No machines for me though, the kit-kat shuffle will do just fine...

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