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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Why is it that men go to the gym together? I have often wondered this and today, as I slugged it out on the treadmill, I noticed how many men were working out in pairs or a group. Is it some form of male bonding? Do guys need other men to compete with to enable them to work their bodies harder? Is it the hint of homoeroticism that drives men on? Us women go it alone; we stare at each others bodies, muscles and faces and push ourselves just a little bit more than the next girl. We don't need companions - our friends are the treadmill, the stomach cruncher and the quad press. And all around, there is the smell of sweat and testosterone, the air filled with the energy of a bunch of heaving men and their rippling bodies.

And for me, it is a highly charged energy. I watch the guys sweating and I think of running my hands across their chests, down their backs and squeezing their asses, before making my way to the tops of their thighs and then between their legs. There is nothing as sexy as a guy with jogging pants on (and no boxers preferably) working his body to the max. Dammit. A lot to think about while I was running today. I was almost tempted to pop off to the toilet for a quick play, but thankfully my determination to complete my workout took precedence.

Started thinking about women again today, which I haven't done for a while. MTV was blaring as usual in the gym and I noticed Britney Spears (Oops I did it again) was on. I've never really understood the interest in her, but today I finally realised how sexy she is. I guess seeing her tits and firm ass squeezed into that tight red catsuit might have had something to do with it... I found myself getting wet whilst I was doing my sit-ups and had to fight the urge (again!) to run off to the toilet... Still, at least I had some control. I think my willpower is getting stronger; the real test will be if I can refuse a late-night booty call from B - if I can do that, then the world is my oyster!

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