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Thursday, January 01, 2004

Me and my blog

I have a one-track mind. I also find it hard to remember things, so have become something of a prolific list writer to help me keep track of what’s important. I figure starting my blog with a list might therefore be a good way to introduce myself. So here goes…

I am a child of the 70's
but I don't see any reason to wear fashion connected to that era
I live in London
but would be happier somewhere hot with a beach
I am a sushi addict
and find it hard to cut the carbs when faced with some Ikura
I adore the treadmill
but I am not a gym fascist
I love going to the cinema
but don't get to see enough movies
I would drink coffee all day
if it didn't make me talk bollocks and prevent me sleeping
I work in the mainstream UK film industry
not in porno
I enjoy the odd Singapore Sling from time to time
but watch how much/often I drink
I cannot stand Bush and despise Blair too
I have a high pain threshold
yet I also know the maximum amount of ibruprofen and paracetemol I can take in 24 hours
I have a low boredom threshold
and will exit a situation if my brain is not being stimulated
even if this means forsaking an orgasm
I hate shopping for clothes
and put off having to replace items for as long as possible
I love shopping for food
and enjoy cooking a variety of dishes for friends
I love to buy sex toys
but find it hard to leave the store with just one item
I like watching the morning sunrise
but hate getting up for it
My ideal man would be a mixture of Alan Davies, Rob Newman and Mark Thomas
ie, he should be very funny, have left-wing politics, and ideally be tall dark and handsome too
My desert island disc would have to be Axis: Bold as Love by Jimi Hendrix
My desert island movie would be Mulholland Drive
My desert island man (for sex) would be David Boreanaz
My desert island man (for conversation) would be Louis Theroux
No matter how many hours I work and how tired I am, my insomnia keeps me awake
And even if I do plan to go to sleep, a last minute Bully Wank will keep me up
I am an underwear addict (50 g-strings/hipster hotpants and counting)
but I've never been to Agent Provocateur
I love sex and think about it all the time
which is pretty much why I set up this blog
I figured by writing some of my thoughts down it might free up my mind a little…

Here’s a ‘fiend’s’ supermini list to get on with for now:
I think about sex constantly. The thing about guys and it being on their minds every 8 seconds – I have one question: what about the other 7?! I certainly know what I am thinking about during those…
I am unable to walk into any room/social situation without immediately scanning all the men in there to see if any of them are fuckable
I keep looking at men’s crotches: in the street, on the tube, buses, pubs wherever. I haven’t been found out yet – at least I think I haven’t…
If I don’t climax regularly (at least daily) I am a moody bitch. If more men realised this about me, life with them would be so simple - I am easily pleased
My solution to the above is regular playing with oneself. A necessary task and immensely fun

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