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Friday, October 15, 2004

23 positions in a one night stand...

I don't think I have ever had as many orgasms in one sitting as I had in the 12 hours I spent with SP a few nights ago. Truly amazing. I am still sore. And finding it a little difficult to walk. But a good price to pay for 20+ climaxes*...

We had a lovely evening actually, went out to dinner, watched a movie, talked. And of course had rampant sex. Somehow we went from cuddling on his couch to me lying on my back with his cock down my throat, grabbing his ass whilst he fucked my mouth hard. I was torn between sticking my fingers in his asshole and rubbing myself between my legs. (Um, I chose the selfish option and opted for some self-pleasure). That didn't last long though: SP got off me, ripped my clothes off and shoved his fingers inside me til I came. Being the polite girl that I am, I didn't complain, not even when I had 4 more climaxes and was feeling exhausted. But the line was drawn when I was on orgasm number 7 and he still wouldn't let me have his cock inside me. I was almost crying out in desperation and felt infuriated. Finally though he gave it to me: he pulled me on top of him and slid himself into me. Needless to say number 8 arrived simultaneously and as soon as he started saying:

"Go on, go on, fuck my cock, go on you know you want it, fuck me hard",

number 9 and 10 arrived pretty soon after. And when I felt SP begin to tense up and grip me even tighter, I held on for him; as soon as he began to explode, I let go. Our bodies shook in unison and we collapsed together in each others arms.

Later in bed SP got out the lube, rubbed it all over me. We had talked about fisting earlier in the evening and I know he was as eager as me to try it. And try it he did. I know at one point he was almost all the way in: it felt so amazing and so painful at the same time. And yes, I came over and over again. What I really enjoyed about it was how when his hand was inside me, it was like he owned my insides and I was his. And yet, I had his hand. It was mine. And it was inside me. I owned him too. It was strangely binding and very intimate; not something one normally equates with ramming a fist (with some force) inside a vagina, but there you go: don't knock something til you've tried it...

I've noticed a difference in how I climax too. With SP I cum HARD. With incredible force (no wonder I get icepick headaches), my body tightens up and I even grind my teeth. (Odd I know). What is the weirdest thing, is that my pussy clenches so hard that I eject SP's cock. Now, I know he's not the largest guy, but full-on removal on climax? Not right. SP said my pussy was like a vice gripping his cock (which I guess is a compliment), but I found it very frustrating to lose his cock from inside me the very instant that I want him there; to be cumming with nothing inside me is a little disappointing. Anyway, once we figured out when my orgasm eject button was likely to happen, SP would grab me hard by the hips and say:

"Think you're gonna push my cock out now? Do you? My cock's gonna stay in. Go on, push it out. Go on. You can try, I ain't going anywhere. Go on. Slide against my cock, go on, fuck it",

and of course that would make me cum fucking hard. But at least he would still be inside me...

We had some fantastic sex that night. Wow. It just gets better. Really. The chemistry between us is amazing. And I don't just mean the sex. We are as intimate together now as when we were seeing each other a few months ago. So much of our physical contact is non-sexual and just tender. Its hard to behave like a fuck-buddy with SP when he is stroking my hair, rubbing his nose against mine, and holding my hand. It's confusing when he tells me he split with the teenager just after I left him, that he has slept with no-one else since, but thought I had and that he misses me not living with him anymore. It's difficult when we are lying in each others arms after making love and he wants to know what I am thinking.

This is dangerous territory I am aware of that. I had planned to see SP once more and then close the door. I'm not sure if I can do that now. I don't know where this is going; if it is going, even. I know that I am going to see him again and will see how I feel. I have had enough of the warning bells; my eyes are open, I know what might happen. And I will have to accept responsibility for the outcome of my actions even if the end result is not a happy one. Maybe I am a sucker for pain, I don't know. I just think that if I walk away now, I may regret this for a long time. I could be wrong, but its a risk I am gonna take.

Until then, I shall continue thinking of SP, playing imagining the sex, (we are planning a few nights of fulfilling the others ultimate fantasy -watch this space), and looking forward to our next meeting.

And on that note, I am off for a goodnight fiddle xx

*I lost count at 20. There were more. But obviously I had other stuff to occupy my mind, rather than counting all my climaxes. Lets just say: fucking loads, alright?

P.S. Thank you for all your comments on my pictures. I may or may not remove them. You are thus warned. And in answer to some of your questions:
  1. Yes that is me
  2. I took the snaps (hence the awkward angles)
  3. The quality is shit, I know. Thats what you get with a £14.99 camera
  4. No, this is not a porno site. I don't do requests. If you get off on my photos, good for you
  5. I got off on taking them. Had 3 plays after I uploaded them. More to come I'm sure...

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