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Friday, February 13, 2004


Read this article in The Guardian today and felt I had to comment on it.

I don't understand what the big deal is, it's nothing new that women want to have sex for the sake of it, and all the internet has done, is make attaining that pleasure quicker. It's definitely easier and less embarrassing to pull a guy from a sex chat site, than from a bar or club. And lets face it, you're not forced to listen to their life story or make bullshit chit chat when you've agreed to meet up just for sex from an internet site.

This article seems to be unable to qualify women wanting sex unless they are drunken 20-year olds, 30-something career women or women who are unhappily married (well at least these are the viewpoints of the women interviewed) And, to finish the article with the following quote just made me angry:

"There are really very few women who can detach their emotions from sex... I don't like to reduce things to our genetics, but we are hardwired to nurture relationships because, at the bottom of this, we could fall pregnant. So it ends in tears for a lot of women."

What a load of bollocks. Some women like one-night stands with fuck-buddies. Some like sex with people they just met. And some like anonymous sex with people they know absolutely nothing about. And in none of these situations, do emotions come into it. In fact, the only thing a woman feels is the throbbing between her legs, and this is the only itch she needs scratching.

I have a couple of these 'nameless' encounters worth mentioning:

The bus-stop boy

I was on my way back from celebratory drinking with a friend. Started chatting to this cute (and also drunk) guy on the bus on the way home. Turns out he lived down the road from me. We got off the bus together, started getting passionate at the bus stop, and ended up at his place moments later. He said he was 23, but I know he lied (the fact that he was still living with his parents was another give-away) and he started telling me his name, what he did for a living and other non-essential information. I held my hand over his mouth, and told him that I didn't want to know; wasn't it more sexy if we "fucked each other knowing nothing?". Well, it was, and we shagged the night away...

The internet personal ad man
We had had cyber sex and swapped pics a couple of times before we met up for drinks at a bar. The chemistry was superb and within an hour we had moved downstairs onto a couch, his hand between my legs, my hand on his cock. Inevitably this couldn't continue for long, and shortly after we ended up in the toilets fucking for dear life. Great sex, first name basis only and afterwards he became a fuck buddy for a few weeks, which was a bonus...

In summary then: wanting a committed relationship with one person is an entirely different thing and not the 'be all and end all' for women. I truly believe that if more women challenged society's' stereotyping about women only wanting monogamy, there would be a whole lotta females (and males) out there learning about and having better sex and that can only benefit our sexual (and personal) relationships in the long run.

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