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Sunday, February 08, 2004

A strange few days have passed in which four interesting things have happened:

1) I managed to achieve my target of running for an hour non-stop on the treadmill. And not only that, beat it by five minutes. So I am now officially a smug git, with a healthy heart and body walking round with a huge grin on my face. Now all I have to do is set myself a new target - get the rest of the body rock-hard. Come summer I shall be parading my newly firm body...

2) I sent DN the pics. Ha ha. He was over the moon to say the least. The first one he got was a 3/4 body shot, me in a black pvc dress, zip down to the waist, cleavage out. He mailed me immediately, we got on MSN and then spent the next hour getting very heated, with me mailing him slightly more explicit stuff. Which was all well and fine for me, sat at home, hand between my legs; he however had a stonking hard-on and was stuck behind his desk at work. All good fun.

3) Met a nice (ie, clean, innocent-looking, young-ish) guy at my gym. Actually he works there. We spent an hour talking (ok, mostly about burning fat and anaerobic training), but he was flirting his ass off with me. Something to work on I think, but he's not the sort of guy I would jump straight into bed with (it would corrupt him, perhaps even damage him for life I reckon)...

4) B called me yesterday to "see how I was doing". What is it with guys? Talk about ambiguous behaviour. The last time we spoke we argued, and I said not to contact me again. Now he calls me as if nothing has changed between us. Anyway, he didn't ask to come over - which was unusual, though he did try to leave the situation open between us. I dunno, he may be an asshole, but I do really need to get laid before I start on the film in two weeks and I am still having crazy fantasies about him. Maybe I should just call it 'one for good luck'?

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