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Friday, January 30, 2004

Had a great session at the gym today: 37 minutes non-stop running on the treadmill (and 15 minutes walking too). My endurance is getting better and better and I am finally beginning to feel fit. And my calves and thighs are looking damn fine too, which is lovely. Am getting closer to my target of 60 minutes - I want to be able to train my muscles to react like a long-distance runner rather than the 100m sprinters. I like having big powerful muscles, but I think the leanness of marathon runners may be better for my health in the long term...

I actually managed not to think about sex once while I was running, which is an achievement for me. I was totally focused on feeling the burn. But afterwards, this cute gym instructor showed me some back strengthening exercises and I found myself flirting outrageously with him. While he was on the bench press I was noticing how his tufts of chest hair poked sexily out of the top of his t-shirt; when he was on the inflatable ball, I saw how perfectly curved his ass was; and when he was doing chin-ups, I could see how the bulge in his jogging pants filled out the space nicely. Mmm. He will certainly give me something to think about when I am in there next - I may have to go tomorrow as well as the day after...

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