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Friday, January 16, 2004

I am proud of myself. I met a guy tonight. And he was cute. And there was alcohol in my system. And I am pre-menstrual. And it has been a while since I've had a shag. But I behaved like a real lady.

I limited my eye contact to his upper torso only. I didn't constantly bat my eyelids and throw my head back laughing at his jokes. I didn't playfully grasp his arm and squeeze it. I didn't lead the conversation into a sexual subject matter. And I didn't end up at his place fucking the living daylights out of him. All of which are a step forwards for me.

In fact we talked non-stop about movies: we share the same taste in cinema (sci-fi, action, thrillers, fantasy - though he also likes romantic comedies - yuck), and we both work in the industry. We talked, laughed and swapped stories for ages. And I realised I was having a normal conversation with a lovely guy and that I wasn't flirting my ass off with him. Of course I found myself thinking about him naked (hey, I'm only human), but I didn't let that overwhelm me or alter the tone of the conversation.

So we swapped numbers and agreed to meet and go see a movie. And I am happy with that. Kind of excited actually. It's something new for me, this 'friendship' lark. It may be fun to get to know this guy for a while, see if we have as much in common minus the whisky doubles... I imagine that I will find it hard to not shag him, since I quite like him; maybe I need to see this as a test of my willpower over my sex drive?

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