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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Tried out another gym today. Quite a good place - 2 floors of cardiovascular equipment, loads of free weights, air conditioned etc. Very plush. Just shows what local councils can achieve with private finance involved - and they are running the place as a charity - so politically I guess I support it. Anyway, wasn't really thinking about the ethics of the place while I was in there; I was concentrating on burning fat, and I managed to run for 25 minutes non-stop which I am pleased about. My stamina is getting stronger, my determination more focused and my energy levels are increasing.

All good, especially as my sleep was so crap last night. Yet again I tried to go to bed at a 'normal' time. Planned a brief night in with the girls and an early night. But there was a problem: it took me a whole hour before I finally was able to get the release I needed to send me off to sleep. An hour! Something must be wrong with me - I used to be the queen of the 5 minute climax, which, it has to be said, I have occasionally found embarrassing in intimate situations. In fact the only time I have ever faked anything about orgasms is when I have pretended that I haven't come.

Anyway, since meeting B, my ability to climax quickly has diminished somewhat. Not sure why this is, the sex we had was pretty hot, (even though he was a selfish pig). I hope to god this isn't a permanent fixture in my life - I miss my morning (ok, and evening too) quickies! If it comes down to a choice between sleeping longer or having self-pleasure, I know which one I would choose, and even if it means I only get a few hours each night, being unconscious doesn't even come a close second...

NB: First ever blog, first ever week. Happy anniversary to me. And you dear readers x

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