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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Tried out a new gym today. Fantastic place. Their treadmills are superb (great support for the knees and ankles) and the equipment is modern, new and clean. (Not like my local council-run gym). I did my full hour running and did another hour on my abdominals (my transversus abdominus are getting solid). Hopefully my back will never be weak again! After working out I used the sauna, steam, jacuzzi and pool. So relaxing, so peaceful, so unaffordable dammit... And the talent - jeez. I spent the whole time on the treadmill looking at this guy, a handsome Gerard Butler lookalike who had the most perfect hard body. In fact all around me were cute men, so many of them! This must be where all the toned and trim guys in their thirties hang out - I must join it soon...

Am surprised that I am not tired. Not from the workout, but from lack of sleep. Only got 3 1/2 hours last night: tried to fall asleep early but the whole vacuum cleaner thing (see below) kinda got to me and I was hot as hell. Thing is, I had to be up early this morning so was aiming for just a quick fiddle before sleep. But for some reason I couldn't focus and I ended up waking up, semi-conscious, hand between my legs, job unfinished at 5 am. Well, I felt pretty hard done by, so I spent the next hour (!) frigging away for England, before finally, at 6 am I was able to rest - properly. A bit annoying that I had to be out at 9.30 am, but at least I got my pleasure in the end. Guess I'll just have to start earlier from now on...

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