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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Finally saw the third part of Lord of the Rings today. What a magical film. So much to take in: the detail of the battle scenes is fantastic, the production design is mind-blowing and the pace of the action awesome. I was fixated for the entire movie, all 3 hours 20 minutes of it! But if I am really honest, my mind did trail a few times - I couldn't help it. It was all Viggo Mortensens' fault. Every time he was on screen, my heart beat a little faster, my breath got a little deeper and my pants got a little wetter. He has the most beautiful face, weathered laughter lines framing his eyes and mouth and intense blue eyes that could penetrate your very soul.

Er, speaking of penetration: unsurprisingly I found myself fantasising about his cock. I was trying to concentrate on the on-screen action, but all I could think of was the action going on inside my head (ripping the dirty clothes off his back, licking his chest, gripping his cock). Still at least I managed to sit the movie out and not run off to have a quick fiddle - tempted though I was - even Viggo won't force me to miss a movie.

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