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Monday, January 12, 2004

30 minutes of exhaustion, my heart pounding away, my breath quickening. Sweat enveloping my entire body, slowly dripping between my shoulder blades down the curve of my back. I could hardly see by the end of it such was the exertion, but when it was over, my mind was clear and I felt like a woman again.

I am of course talking about my workout at the gym today. 30 minutes running (over 2 1/2 miles) non-stop, my best ever endurance yet. Felt like I was flying in my new Asics trainers, the bounce back from them was great. And I felt wonderful afterwards, the endorphins rushing through my head were almost like being in a post-coital bliss...

Speaking of which, today has been something of a hormonally challenged one for me - I almost didn't make it to the gym, such was my level of desire. Had to have a play twice before I left the house and even then I felt like Niagara Falls down below. Reckon I must be entering my pre-menstrual stage: uh oh - watch out London! Maybe I should visit the gym daily for the next week or so - work off some of that heat...

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