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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Joined a gym today, just for a month before I start work again. Tried it out last week, very nice, but not as plush as the one with all the cute guys. Oh well, better to burn the fat I guess: no distractions so my mind will be more focused and I will be able to concentrate on my workout.

Had a great run today, 31 minutes non-stop running on the treadmill - beat my 2 day-old record by one minute, which I know is nothing - but its an achievement for me. I want to get to the point where I can run for an entire hour burning loads of fat, be pouring with sweat and get a fucking headrush at the end of it.

Did the whole swim, spa, sauna and steam too today, which was pretty relaxing, am starting to feel like a lady of leisure! Afterwards I went to stroke some cats at the Cats Protection League which was lovely. Of course the cats there (rescued, strays etc) are grateful for the attention, but I also get an enormous sense of peace by giving them a cuddle. Wish I could adopt some; its just not possible with the hours I work, plus I don't have access to a garden...

Speaking of playing with pussies: I am wondering whether 3 times a day can be considered normal. I know I am pre-menstrual and therefore temporarily hormonally challenged, but I'm sure that other women (and maybe even men for that matter) don't end up flexing their fingers that often. I hope I get my period soon, I am beginning to worry that I might do something rash like calling B for a shag. Willpower!

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