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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Strange how the mind works when it comes to fantasy. There I was this morning, enjoying auditioning the finger puppets and thinking about J the cute guy I met last night. I was in the throes of passion, getting close to the point of no return when suddenly B pops into my head. I tried to shift my attention back to the J scenario (me on my knees sucking him off), but B just wouldn't get out of my brain and before I knew it he was taking me from behind and I was exploding in ecstasy, shaking like a leaf all over my bed.

What is wrong with me? You'd think I'd be able to focus my fantasies on one person - someone that I actually like; why the fuck I am still getting off on B? And how dare he interrupt my time with J?! Damn my screwed up brain - or to be more specific: damn the fact that B still makes my pussy sing. It's about time it learned some new tunes me thinks...

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