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Sunday, January 25, 2004

I can't believe the levels I am willing to stoop to in order to satisfy my hunger. Earlier I found myself perusing my mobile, looking to see who I could call on to fill my need. I actually had to physically restrain myself (well, have two quick fiddles to relieve the tension) so that I didn't resort to calling up B or some other has-been ex or old flame. Thanks to my (new-found and ever increasing) willpower, I still have my dignity thank god - but my vibrators are taking a bashing at the moment.

So, current news: I had a nice chat with DN again tonight. He's still as horny for me as ever, even with the girlfriend in tow. If there wasn't 100 odd miles between us I'm sure we would have had some fun together by now. Even with the distance I quite like the idea that he gets off on looking at pictures of me; its definitely a mutual attraction...

Speaking of mutual heat, I did get to see R again finally. And he was as cute as I remember him. And there was still chemistry between us. And he's now seeing somebody. Dammit. Just my luck. I can't stop thinking about him, its so frustrating. I want him bad. Oh well, onwards and upwards. Next!

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