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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Am unfortunately in a place called "All men are bastards". After that night a few days ago where I was talking with J and he was really eager to get my number and arrange a movie meet, I decided today to call him. I have two tickets to a preview of Tim Burton's new movie 'Big Fish' later this week and thought I would invite him to join me. So, I called his phone (which rang ten times and then went to voicemail) and left a message. It's now almost 7 hours later and I've had no answer.

Ok, I know I may be jumping to (neurotic) conclusions regarding the lack of response from him; he may not have got the message yet, he may be busy, unable to call back etc. But, my gut feeling says different - and I am usually right. I sense that he is a timewaster. If I haven't heard from him within the next 24 hours he can fucking forget about it...

Apart from J, I've actually been thinking about R (B's friend) quite a lot, (though in a much more explicit way). He's been a lovely wake up call for me the last few days; I'm almost tempted to go and see him and let him know that, thanks to him, I've broken my 5 minute record by 1 minute!

Found a funny site about wet men, worth looking at even if only for the pics of David Boreanaz. Mmm...

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