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Thursday, February 05, 2004

55 minutes running on the treadmill, 60 minutes pushing weights, 30 minutes stomach crunching, 10 minutes wanking in the gym toilets. Not sure why I was so horny, I had a play before I went to the gym, thought that would take the edge off for a while, obviously not...

I was thinking about DH (another cute friend of B's) whilst I was on the treadmill, but that was only a mild distraction (involving my hands grasping his cock tightly; I may further that fantasy later tonight...) Maybe it was the stomach exercises that got me so hot: all that transversus abdominus stomach tightening tugged on my pelvic floor muscles. As any lady knows, flexing the pelvic floor can, in and of itself, pre-empt or even cause a fantastic climax. I guess this would explain why by the time I made it to the toilet cubicle my underwear was soaking wet - and not from sweating during my workout.

All good fun, though not the most sensual or sexy environment to have a fiddle it has to be said. I had to make my sharp breathing and moans almost silent: the old women coming for their evening swims decided to discuss the latest in weather forecasts directly outside my cubicle. Still, didn't stop me from having a great play...

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