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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Ouch. I am sore. I have sweated this evening and exerted myself to my limits. My legs, back and stomach have been pushed and pulled to their full extension and I am paying the price now: tired aching muscles. Sadly none of this is due to anything more exciting than my (now regular) hour on the treadmill and I'm only suffering due to a lack of sleep (4 1/2 hours last night) which has left my body a bit wrecked. I know that I've gone too far when I haven't even had a play - well not yet - anyway. The night is young!

Following on from my soul searching last night, today I have been having a mild identity crisis. I am wondering whether I am a Goy Toy.

Still debating whether to call B. It would be such a step back if I do. But I can't stop thinking about his cock. It has started to be an obsession now; I imagine it in my mouth at least once an hour. Dammit, stop it. I am only making it harder on myself. Willpower where are you?!

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