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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Was watching a tv show last night about men and their penis'. I have now come to the conclusion that I am more like a man than I realised, for the following reasons:

1) Like a bloke, I also have my hand between my legs when I watch tv, talk on the phone, sit on the computer etc. Not always done for sexual gratification; sometimes out of boredom or just to 'touch base'.

2) I need to climax to relieve tension, stress and anger as well as for sexual pleasure.

3) I always wake up horny and need to have a good frig to start the day off properly.

4) I also like to masturbate to send me off to sleep.

5) Often I need to play during the day as well and will go off into the toilets at work for a quickie.

6) I look at porn to get me off.

7) I get aroused just by looking at somebody.

8) Actually I get aroused by pretty much anything.

9) I can climax in three minutes flat.

10) And the obvious one: I think about sex all the time.

I am wondering if I have higher levels of testosterone than most women; this might explain the similarities between men and myself and the difference in sexual appetite between me and my other female friends. Surely there must be some kind of explanation...?

NB. Just discovered this website which states:
"Too much testosterone can turn them (women) into some form of nymphomaniac which may actually be inconvenient for certain situations..."

That's it! Now I understand, it's all clear to me. All those times where I am raring to go and the guy is too tired can now be explained by the high levels of 'man juice' in me. Talk about "inconvenient"...

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