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Monday, April 12, 2004

And after all that, he couldn't even keep his erection...

B came round tonight. It all started off well: within minutes I was kneeling on the floor, B on my couch with his jeans round his ankles and his cock in my mouth. I took regular swigs from my glass of Ouzo so that his cock would tingle from the mintyness of it in my mouth. B seemed like he was in heaven, breathing so fast, grinding his hips against my mouth, grabbing my breasts to rub against his rock-hard cock while he groaned loudly. And I was loving it.

We swapped positions and he pushed my legs up over his head, kneeling down on the floor to lick and suck me. He stuck three fingers inside me and thrust them back and forth and with his other hand squeezed my tits. I was in absolute heaven and didn't last very long: I shuddered when I saw him start to play with himself and I pushed myself into his face so he could stick his tongue inside me. Lovely.

But then the problems started. We moved into my bedroom, I got out some new lube to try out on him and carried on sucking him. After a while we got a condom and he entered me. Straightaway he said he was gonna cum, so I asked him to stop moving so it would give me time to catch up. A moment later I started sliding up and down his cock, but then he lost his erection and he pulled out of me. I whipped the condom off and sucked his soft cock. It took a while to get a response, but eventually he reached for another condom. And he lost it with number two within seconds. Now I know some guys have problems with condoms (and that has included B previously), so I suggest trying out one of my female condoms (more sensation for the guy I believe). We try that and for a moment, it all looks good: he is thrusting away inside me, I am wet as hell and minutes away from climaxing. And then he pulls out again, apologises for his lost erection and we lie next to each other cuddling.

I won't pretend to you lot that I wasn't disappointed. Of course I was: It's been a couple of months since we shagged and I wanted him to be so damn hard that I would get fucked properly by him. And I was lying there with a soaking wet pussy that needed filling up. But I am not such a bitch as to not be sympathetic to someone's feelings or ego. And when B told me that "it's not happening tonight, I'm sorry" and asked me if I was angry (!) with him or disappointed, I lied and said 'no' and told him to 'relax', 'not to worry about it', that I was having fun and that it didn't matter to me either way. And I stroked his chest and back and kissed him gently on his mouth and hands. And we lay there for a while.

A little later I grabbed his hand, slid his fingers between my legs so he could feel how wet I was, and told him I was minutes away from climaxing. And he removed his fingers and got out of my bed. Then he said he was going to be 'making moves', and that hopefully he'd have 'better luck next time'.

His behaviour doesn't surprise me, but it does annoy me. I suggested that he stay to finish me off with his hands or tongue - even if he wasn't feeling horny any more. He declined. I called him selfish. And he left. And I was left to use my own hand to bring myself off (admittedly whilst thinking about his cock rubbing against me).

A waste of time for all concerned I guess. Will I never learn?

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