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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Ok, here's the week that was:


A busy day, most of it spent running back and forth across the studio lot. Still thinking about the threesome with B and R and hoping that it might happen this weekend. I decided to text B a "hello" so that I could get the wheels in motion:

"Hiya, how's life?"

Him: "All good. What are you up to?"

Me: "Very busy, very tired, got a head full of dirty thoughts..."

Him: No response

Honestly, B does annoy me sometimes. I know we are just fuck-buddies, but him ignoring my flirty texts just seems to point to his lack of sex-drive. He may not have been horny when I texted him, but surely he could reply - for my pleasure? (I know I certainly would for him).

Regardless of the fuckwit B, I still ended up having a great play in the toilet though...


I overslept today by 90 minutes. That's never happened to me before. My boss was understanding, but I felt out-of-sync the rest of the day. I guess my body said "fuck you, I need sleep" and ignored my two alarm clocks.


B texted me again today:

"You horny? How are you?"

It took me 20 minutes to respond - I was running about like crazy:

"Very busy, very tired, always horny".

And then I got no response back. So annoying. B is hot or cold: either got a hard-on now and wants to talk dirty or he's not interested at all. I on the other hand am always up for some dirty chat. The way I see it is that even if I haven't got time to play, if I can assist him on his way, then great - it gives me something to think about later when I do have time. And, if I do have time to play, then great: getting sexy texts is lovely - there's nothing better than to get a message in the middle of the day that someone has a hard-on thinking about you...

B obviously has a low sex drive (in comparison with me anyway) and I think that the whole threesome thing with me and his friend R is just a wank fantasy for him; I don't think B has the balls to go through with it - or something would have happened by now (he first suggested it to me last Autumn and I met R at Christmas). Am obviously a bit (very!) gutted about that...


Just had two glorious plays thinking about B. I am not sure if I can hold off on fucking him again for much longer...

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