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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

A New Possibility?

Saw B again today. He still hasn't responded to yesterdays text, which kinda bugs me. If a sexy woman (with a tongue piercing I might add) offers you a blow job, surely its just polite to respond? Anyway, if he doesn't contact me in the next few days, he can fuck off: I am pre-menstrual now - which means I am a horny monster - if he can't get with my timing, well, then, it's his loss...

So there's this new guy on set: tall, very handsome, gorgeous body with lovely blue eyes. He has beautiful hands (large, long fingers) and big feet (a must for me with my size 8's). I imagine his cock is proportionate to the rest of his (large) body too, yum. He flirted loads with me today: lots of touching and smiling eyes. Very interesting possibility, but there is a problem:

He's very young. Which gives us a big age gap, not something I would usually consider. I imagine he is crap in bed (ok, I am being narrow-minded I admit, but I am probably right); I guess his enthusiasm and stamina would make up for his lack of technique...


Have any readers been:

a) The older woman who ends up teaching the younger man?
b) The younger man who has learned from an older woman?

Interested to know your opinions and experiences: not sure whether I should approach this challenge...

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