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Thursday, February 26, 2004

For the following reasons I have come to the conclusion that the insatiability of my sex drive is now getting worse:

1) I am playing three times a day (and I am not pre-menstrual). And shortly after I've had a fiddle, I am thinking about the next one. My underwear seems to be in a semi-permanent state of dampness right now...

2) I am getting addicted to looking at porn. It used to be an occasional dabble, to wet my lips (so to speak). Now it is daily viewings. I am currently obsessed with (take a guess) one girl, two guys and some serious sucking/fucking combos...

3) After having sex with a guy, ten minutes later I am thinking about fucking someone else. Yes folks, even this one shocked me:

I ended up having sex with DM tonight (some good oral - he has a nice cock - and he is eager to reciprocate). But when we moved on from the foreplay we only fucked for five minutes and even though I climaxed twice, I still felt unsatisfied. I wanted a good hard shag - but DM was too far gone and couldn't last that long. And, unfortunately, his inane small talk bores the daylights out of me, so I left soon after we finished.

Driving back through London I realised I was in B's neck of the woods. I was SO tempted to pop round and get him to fuck me the way I wanted - really hard; there I was, heels, miniskirt, stockings and no knickers (B's favourite) and horny as hell - I felt like I hadn't had sex - which can't be right, surely?! Anyway, I resisted the temptation (thank god, he is an asshole after all), and now I find myself wide awake at almost 3am, and having to do 1) and 2) to satisfy me.

My conclusion: Sometimes it's hard to be the girl who has a one-track mind all the time...

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