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Monday, February 16, 2004

I think I am a little euphoric. My brain is buzzing and all my muscles feel strong and energised. It seems that my hourly run on the treadmill tonight has left me in some kind of post-coital blissed-out state - not that I am complaining - if I can get the same rush from exercise as I do from sex, a lot of my problems may be solved...

Flirted with Ginger (the instructor) at the gym again this evening and hinted at buying him a drink at the 'do' next week; I reckon he'll show up. He is very cute and a sweet guy, but young. Not sure if I want the hassle of having to 'train' him up; it's a nice challenge, but I don't really have time for that in my life right now...

Watching The Darkness' new video Love is only a Feeling at the gym today reminded me how sexy Justin Hawkins is. I admit he has dreadful teeth, is skinny as hell and well fulfills the term 'geek' with his straggly hair. However, I also think he is a rock god and watching him grimacing (orgasm style) whilst he rubs his guitar against his groin (as if he was masturbating with it) whilst he plays it so furiously just wets my pants.

Also knowing that he goes commando style inside the catsuits he wears makes it a little harder for me to look at him without getting horny and combined with my enjoyment of the fantastic lyrics that he writes, you could well say that I have a crush on him. In fact I would go one further and suggest that a threesome with Justin and his younger brother Dan wouldn't be such a bad idea, but then, when was I ever original in my fantasies?! Anyway, I have to hand it to the Lowestoft boys: without them I would never have made it to my target of 60 minutes on the treadmill...

A quick thank-you to all the guys who've been responding to my penis/masturbation questions. Some very interesting replies so far, keep them coming! I have repeated the queries below for those of you too lazy to scroll down :-)

1) Are penis' slightly longer, shorter or wider (when erect) if they are not played with for a while?
2) If a guy abstains from masturbation (for a week lets say), will he last for a longer or shorter period of time when he next has penetrative sex?
3) And, if he does abstain, will the guys sex drive be higher or lower when he next gets laid?

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