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Sunday, February 22, 2004

I am proud of myself; I have managed to fulfill a feat of endurance and willpower and maintain control over my body. No, I am not talking about running (although I can do 70 minutes non-stop now, and counting...). I am referring to not succumbing to my desires - I've done pretty well over the last few days:

Got in late and very drunk last night. By coincidence, DM (the internet man) was online too. We haven't fucked for a few months (he's good, but the fire between us isn't great). Anyway, we ended up in a damn hot cyber session, mostly talking about me sucking him off whilst another guy fucks me from behind (yippee, another guy who wants a MMF threesome!). It was great fun and he invited me over to his place today, which I was going to do.

After I'd had a play when I woke up today though, the idea seemed kinda less fun; I guess shagging B last week has made me much less 'on edge' and don't feel like I need to fuck someone - hell I am only playing twice a day at the moment, so I guess my sex drive has stabilised somewhat. Maybe I just like that I can say 'no' right now and am not a slave to my desires?

Speaking of which: I shall now proceed to audition some finger puppets - I expect a very good show tonight...

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