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Friday, February 27, 2004

I wonder whether other women who work in all-male environments respond to their colleagues in similar ways to me?

When I work on a movie I am one of the few women around. In some ways it's nice being the only female, but I get called "sweetness", "honey", "bunny" and "darling", whereas the guys call each other "mate" and sometimes I feel like I am just the 'token' woman to make up numbers.

I find the only way to challenge the chauvinism, sexism, sexual innuendo and macho posturing there, is to be more rude and more graphic than the guys. That way, I am treated with a kind of 'respect'* and am seen to have a brain.

So, 'retorts' that came out of my mouth today when I was surrounded by my male co-workers being their typically misogynistic selves:

"I'm happy to suck cocks/balls, but they'd better be trimmed (preferably clean shaven)"
"You'd better watch out, I'm the kind of girl who likes using lube on/in guys asses"
"Honestly, getting your cock out in the office does nothing for me if its flaccid my dear"
"I won't fuck stupid guys, sorry"
"I don't like fucking boring guys either"

What I want to know is: are these 'typical' responses for women in my position (in the minority and in a sexually charged environment) or are they just smutty witticisms normal for me - a girl with a one-track mind - to think (and say) and totally out of bounds for other women?

Any women out there relate to what I am saying? Any men wanna comment?

*I am not talking about real 'respect' in feminist terms; more that as a result of my outspokenness I am not ignored by the crew - a real problem for a lot of women on set.

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