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Saturday, March 20, 2004

I am human again. Just slept for 12 hours solid, after an exhausting 17 hour day yesterday. It was a nightmare-ish week, full-on hecticness during every minute of the 85 hours that I worked. Am relieved it is now the weekend, so I can rest up...

An interesting development:

There is another cute guy called K, who has lovely brown eyes and a winning smile. Unfortunately he's not on set that much, so I don't see him around as often as I'd like, but I have a few more months to seek him out and get to know him...

B called me on Thursday to 'see how I was'. He told me he was on the way to see his friend R (the guy from the threesome possibility that B suggested last year and that I have been obsessed with ever since). I said to say 'hello' to R from me. And then I couldn't get the thought of fucking them both out of my head. An hour later I texted B:

"Speaking of your mate R: maybe you should bring him over to mine sometime so the three of us can have some fun..."

B texted me back 10 minutes later:

"So what time do you finish tonight then, you dirty one?"

I had to decline (!) We were on a late one that night and I had a very early start the next day. Talk about being gutted! But the thought that B had got my text whilst he was with R and that they had discussed the matter of both of them fucking me and that they had wanted to see me later really got to me. I went straight to the ladies toilets next to the stage that we were shooting on and had a fantastic wank (with some serious shuddering involved) thinking about them both.

Later that night, at 1am (whilst I was asleep), B called me 4 times. The last one woke me up, but I was too shattered to answer. I was pissed off that he was ringing me so late (when he knew that I had only 5 hours to catch some sleep), but it also turned me on that he was so horny (it was pretty obvious that it was a booty call). When I woke up in the morning, I had a glorious 10 minute play thinking about B and R; a lovely start to my day.

So, the possibility of my first MMF threesome now looks like it could be on the cards:
a) There are two guys who are available and interested
b) They both know each other and are comfortable having sex in each others' presence (They have had an MMF together 10 years ago)
c) I am attracted to them both
d) They are both attracted to me
e) I am eager as hell to do it!!

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself; it is totally occupying my thoughts - even more than normal. I am hoping that I can set something up to happen next weekend. Watch this space (and wish me luck!)

P.S. Me (for those cynics who for some absurd reason still think I might be a bloke). Please note my fantastic (ahem) skills in taking digital pics of myself whilst holding the camera with one hand...

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