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Monday, April 12, 2004

Update on B:

Almost midnight and he texts me:

"You awake?"

I was going to ignore his text, but I was curious whether he thought I would let him come over so late, so I responded:

"Falling asleep (liar). Where are you?"

B: "At home, naked, wishing you were here with my dick right up inside you".

Me: (as if on cue, my pussy throbbing)"Well, if you come over tomorrow you can slide your cock right into me. I am wet now thinking about it."

Now, any normal man would respond with something along the lines of: I am gonna fuck you so hard with my cock; I am gonna lick your pussy til you come etc etc. Or, they would just dial my number and have a quick phone-sex session. Not B. His response:

"Hope to make it over, sleep well."

I imagine that on receipt of my above text, he climaxed, and then wanted nothing else to do with talking dirty. Either that or he is a freak. Anyway, his response pissed me off so I texted him back:

"You scared to see me again?"

B: "No? Why would you say that?"

Me: "Well then, lets make an arrangement to fuck the living daylights out of each other, rather than a vague 'sometime'".

B then makes some feeble excuse about having to go visit his parents tomorrow and because I know he's lied to me before about being busy and unable to make a date to shag, I text him back:

"Yup, we all have busy lives... I am free tomorrow evening: if you call me before 7, you may get lucky..."

And of course B didn't respond to that. He is incapable of committing to a prior arrangement; the only agreement that he can make is with his cock: if he gets hard thinking about me, then he wants to see me NOW. Otherwise, he is a fucking dead loss.

Why do I want to fuck him again?

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