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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Been thinking about my American lover DK recently, as a result of his emailing me earlier this week.

What I love so much about DK, is his passion for eating pussy. He adores it. He worships it. He would be quite happy to be down there all night. And what turns me on, is seeing how hard he gets from doing it.

I am more than happy to just suck or fuck him straightaway (he has a gorgeous big cock, and is always trimmed and clean), but DK wants to lick me all night. Last time I saw him, when we got back to my place from a club:

Me: "Are you hungry?"

DK: "Yeah, can I get something to eat?"

Me: "What would you like"

DK: "What you got?"

Me (looking in my cupboard): "Um, not much, bread, pasta..." I turn to face him.

DK (looking at me slyly): "Hmm, what about something meatier?" He lowers his gaze and levels between my legs.

Me: "Oh."

DK walks up to me, pulls down my trousers and kneels beneath me. He then proceeds to deliver me the most lavish tongue licking I have ever had. What a guy...

He's over in France next week for work: I am trying to convince him to Eurostar it over here for a night of passion with me. Damn, I am hot just thinking about it...

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