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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Condoms condoms condoms!!!

(Use of triple exclamation points ©®™ Mr J. Billericay’s ‘Blog and be Published’ distance correspondence course, module II, part I)


So many to choose from, I feel like a kid in a sweet shop, hand laden with a shiny bright new 20 pee piece, surrounded by hundreds of different ½ pee and 1 pee sweets, not knowing which I want more. Too much choice - I want them all!

Cut to: today, in Superdrug looking at the condoms (for pure research purposes I should add), surrounded by too much choice, again. There are so many available nowadays, not only your regular and thin types, but non-latex, extra-thick, ribbed/studded (yum), and with added warming lube. A different type for every day of the week (twice at weekends).

Do people know that condoms are included in the cut-price wars going on between chemists and supermarkets?! It’s like a battlefield in there, big red signs discounting everything, begging us to ‘Buy! Buy! Buy!!!’ and you get taken in by it, end up purchasing 10 megaboxes of latex sheaths and find yourself shagging away for loyalty points. Or not. But I digress:


What I want to know is, which ones are more enjoyable to use? Is there a difference between them? Do guys have preferences? Like smokers, are men 'loyal' to one brand or another, or are condoms pretty much the same all round?

It would be great to know. So all you lovely people out there, please comment on which brands/makes/styles you prefer and why. International brands welcome, I am interested in all...

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