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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Drunk Blogging: Boys boys boys

Another night, another bottle (or two) of Merlot. It was a Christmas party so I am excused from all wrong doing. The fact that I am sitting here trying to type whilst having double vision for the second night in a row is besides the point. I should get a gold star for effort anyway, I reckon.

So, at an Xmas do with my mate JN tonight, a few guys taking my fancy. It struck me, when I was attempting to chat this guy up just how much I love men. I mean, they bug me sure. They annoy me, hell yeah, but when it comes down to it, I am a smitten kitten when faced with a cute guy. There is so much about men that I love. For starters, I just adore:

Their deep voices, could listen to 'em all night
Their rugged skin, want to feel it against my softness
Their stubble that shows through and feels scratchy
Their adams apples that I want to kiss
Their strong shoulders that I want to stroke
The hair on their chests that I want to run my fingers through
The curve of their chests that I want to fondle
Their nipples poking through their shirt, asking to be sucked
Their strong backs, needing to be massaged
Their arms that make me feel so safe and protected when they are wrapped around me
Their large hands that I want to hold in mine and caress
Their glorious bottoms, so wonderful to grasp hold of and pull them in towards you
Their strong thighs, so wonderful to grip and push against
Their slender calves, so lovely to fondle
Their sturdy feet, so wonderful to kiss
And, most beautiful of all: the little patch of hair that leads from the belly button down towards the crotch - like an arrow, sign-posting their cock, god I love that. Oh to run my tongue along it all the way down, not stopping...

Yes. I love men. Now, if I could only get one of my own to adore/worship/fuck all night, then life would be so much easier...

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