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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Things I miss with SP

Him cooking me breakfast in the nude
Bathing with him and watching him shave
The way he used to lay his hand on the inside of my thigh and squeeze my leg, when we were sat on the bus together
Waking up to him smiling at me and wrapping his arms around me
Watching him brush his teeth, the toothpaste oozing down his chin
How when on my back, his cock deep inside me, my legs wrapped around his neck, he would kiss my ankles and rub his face against my calves
The way he thought he had got away with farting without my noticing
His tender sweet kisses that would make me forget where I was, who I was, what I was doing
Seeing how hard his cock got as I undressed in front of him
How he used to rub his nose against mine when we kissed
The way his soft mouth felt licking me between my legs
Being strapped to his bed in handcuffs
Lying curled up together on his couch watching tv
Eating dinner together, talking
How I would get wet, just from being in the same room as him
The way he would sneak up next to me at any given moment and kiss my neck
Him not fucking me till I was begging for his cock
How he would hold my hand whenever we were out together
The way he would slide his hands over my breasts as I made tea, knowing my nipples would be erect immediately and that I would instinctively press my arse against his growing cock
How he would sometimes 'march' me into the bedroom, his eyes lighting up as he 'ordered' me to remove all my clothes and get on the bed
That he would whisper, speak and shout my name over and over whenever we were intimate
Sitting on top of him, moving slowly, our eyes locked, him kissing my hands
The way he would always offer to wash my laundry with his
Watching and feeling his response to my sucking his cock
How he would give my arse a little slap every time he walked past me
Watching him play with himself whilst he watched me play with myself
How he would slide his fingers into my lower back when we hugged and massage me there
Knowing that I would climax (again) as soon as he slid his cock into me
How he would grab me and 'force' me to sit on his face
That when we had sex I didn't care if I died during it, it felt like heaven and I was in ecstasy
Him knowing my ticklish points and how even the thought of it made me squirm excitedly
How sweet he tasted when I licked him all over
How much I adored his cock in my mouth and how badly I wanted to fuck him whilst I was sucking him
The way he loved my climaxes and how much pleasure he got from making me orgasm over and over again
Him squeezing my waist gently whenever we were out together
How when his cock was inside me, it felt like I owned it and that my pussy belonged to him too
Feeling him orgasm and how it made me climax too, every time
Lying in his arms, him stroking my hair, the morning sun lighting up his face

I miss his company
I miss his sex
I miss

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