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Friday, November 26, 2004

Loaded Weapon

I don't know if it is because:

My 2 hour (!) Bully Wank at 3am this morning didn't fulfill me totally
that it's been a month since I have had sex
that I have only had three hours sleep and my body is mutinying against me
that I have had no time to play today
I have had too much Merlot tonight

but I knew it was going to be a tough day when my pussy was soaking wet before I even got on the tube to go out tonight.

So I'm out with my mate JN, and we're getting merry and talking about sex as we do. He'd been having a dry patch recently too, but that has now cleared up: he has a new fuck buddy and she sounds hot. He tells me about their third meeting:

"So I knock on her door and she opens it."

Me: "What's she wearing?"

He: "Does it matter? (sees my disappointed look) Oh ok, a tight top and a short skirt. So anyway I walk in, shut the door behind me, and say to her, 'bend over'"

Me: "And??"

He: "And she bends over. I walk up to her and can see she has no underwear on."

Me: "Oh fuck! What did you do? Stick it in her?"

He: (Grinning) "No. That's what she was expecting, and I don't want her to take me for granted. So I lifted her skirt up and started licking her instead"

Me: (Clapping my hands) "Ha ha! You bad boy! And?!"

He: "Oh you know, I stuck my tongue inside her and she went crazy, started begging me to stick my cock in..."

Me: "And did you? Please tell me you did, you cruel bastard..."

He: "Yeah. I walked her over to the couch, bent her over again, pulled up her skirt and slid it in."

Me: "I bet she came straight away..."

He: (proudly): "Of course, but she came even harder when I slapped her arse cheeks and fingered her hole."

Me: "Mmm.."

So we're sitting there and I am thinking:

JN is my mate
We are friends
Sex would fuck things up

But, I am also SO fucking horny. The whole time he was describing his shag I was getting wetter and wetter. I am regretting not having had time to play before meeting JN; usually my failsafe option of not doing something I will regret later - leaving the house with a throbbing pussy is a dangerous thing... But my rational brain began to shut down. I start thinking about getting out of my seat and walking over to JN and saying:

"You don't mind if I sit on your lap for a minute, do you? It's ok if I just rest my legs here isn't it, how about I wrap them around your hips? You want to know what that is? I am just a little hot, that's all. Yes that's good. What's that? I have no underwear on? Oh dear, I must have forgotten to put some on, silly me. Comfortable now isn't it? You can feel something damp? That'd be me, I do apologise, how about I rub myself against you and let you absorb some of my wetness? No need to apologise, I like that pressing into me, let me just hoist myself up a little - that's better. Maybe you should place your hands around my thighs for stability. Actually I meant the inside of my thighs. What? They are wet? Well, maybe you should rub your fingers all around there, wouldn't want an accident there would we? Now, how about we unzip that fly, get your cock out and slide it deeply into me, hmm? We could talk about that movie we just saw, no need to discuss the pussy juice flowing out of me as you fuck me with your hard cock now, is there?"

And so on...

And I stay there, throbbing away, soaking wet, stupidly tempted to throw away my friendship, all in one quick moment. But fate looked down upon me tonight: JN's fuckbuddy called and wanted to meet up, so we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. And now I sit here, with another great friend of mine and one whose name means so many different things: my Promise. May our friendship continue indefinitely...

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