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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Answers 3 - 5

3. What inspired you to write Girl with a one track mind?

Up until October last year I was a blog virgin. I had neither read nor written a blog. That is until someone recommended Belle. Hers was the first blog I ever read, and I was immediately hooked. I checked it every day for updates; I looked forward to reading about her daily life, her trials and tribulations and as well as adoring her unique outlook on the world. I admired her for being so open and honest about sex - something I related to instantly and I found myself becoming more open to the idea about exploring my views on sex within the blog format. I figured if she could do it (so brilliantly I must add), then why the hell couldn't I?

It took me a few months to pluck up the courage and to figure out what 'angle' I wanted to approach my writing with. In all honesty I did a lot of soul searching regarding the level of explicitness that I would allow myself to express in the blog: at the time I felt quite ambivalent about writing something that could be perceived as erotic. But I also felt compelled to write my thoughts down; here was a way of expressing myself, of finally being able to say 'I adore sex' and not have to worry what people thought of me because of my anonymous status. And I have found it freeing. Wonderfully cathartic. I would recommend it to anyone. And like I said recently, I never expected people to actually read it, and certainly not return, once they had read it. But I guess everyone likes to get off...

Which brings me neatly to:

4. Why do you think people read your blog? Is it because it's 'one for the bank' or is it because they want to know more about you?

I think on the whole, people read my blog for the erotica within it. I imagine a certain majority of readers surf and read, and surf and read, and do it to get off; my blog is just one of those that stimulates along the way - and it's nice to know my words have an effect on people. I think another group of readers who also enjoy my blog for the erotica, visit (semi)regularly, because they like my thoughts and writing style, (plus it gives them 'something for the bank'). And lastly the readers who want to know more about me. God knows why they think I might be an interesting person behind all the compulsive masturbating, but they do. Sometimes I feel like I have truly exposed myself - emotionally - in this blog, and these readers continually offer support and understanding, which is always greatly appreciated.

And although I said yesterday that I was only going to answer two questions, I shall now renege on that:

5. Is your blog porn?

When I first started writing, the thought of anyone having their cock (I assume my readers are most likely to be men) in their hands made me feel repulsed. I mean, people wanking over me/my thoughts? No thank you. And although I knew that the whole medium I have chosen (internet) and the title I chose (Girl with a one track mind) are both totally submerged in sex, I felt snobbish about wanting to be a 'writer' who was expressing herself, rather than a porn merchant who was trying to get cheap and quick results by talking about sex.

But I had to talk about sex. That is ME. And the whole reason I took up writing this blog was so I could express myself freely. So, at the beginning, I just took it in my stride, acknowledged I was gonna have people surfing my blog with one hand and I carried on writing what I wanted.

This is not a porn blog. I stand by that. Not that there is anything wrong with writing in that genre whatsoever (I get off on porn blogs regularly), but this blog - my baby - is my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences and although I now know that people might masturbate about me/the blog, I don't write with that objective in mind. If I did, it'd be a lot fucking dirtier I can tell you - I edit and censor this a LOT.

So, in conclusion, if you do come here to play, I hope you have fun. And if you come here for my words for other reasons, then cheers, I hope you enjoy them however you see fit. And thank you for visiting.

Answers to numbers 6 - onwards, tomorrow...

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