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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Intimate Personals

Perusing the online 'personals' (purely for scientific research I should add), I happened upon these genuine requests. Which ones do you reckon got lucky?

This one?

"Ladies, this really is quite straight forward. If you are in need of some oral stimulation, send me a message. No shagging or blow-job required in return. The only condition is that you are not a 'minger'"

Or this generous promise?

"If we hit it off let me take you back to my hotel to give you multiple orgasms through oral and good hard sex"

Or this modest offer?

"We are two Good-looking guys looking to fulfil the fantasy of having no strings attached sex with 1 woman. We are both well endowed and have already had a threesome with one girl. We are looking for someone who will take double penetration and 2 in one hole. You must be prepared to be awake for at least seven hours as we both have huge amounts of stamina. Our last conquest didn’t sleep all night and came about 25 times"

Or you could even buy-one-get-one-free with this generous guy,

"If you like the idea of a cute guy pulling out his hard cock and wanking it until he shoots, then get in touch. The thrill's in the performing, but I'm happy to lend you a hand, too, if you wish"

and here's some wishful thinking

"I want sex so mail please, this afternoon would be good! nice fit birds with pics please"

If this is what's out there, I can only live in hope...

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