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Monday, January 03, 2005

The girl next door

I am her
She is me
I can be
I can be
I turn
I turn
around to see no-one looking
I am
the girl walking tall
I am
the girl lowering her head
I can
catch your eye
I can
be ignored
I want to
be all that you desire
I want to
be not just your fantasy
I am
different to the other girls
I am
the girl next door
I feel
all alone
I feel
I am
the girl in the bar you want to get to know
I am
the girl you don’t talk to
think about me when you stroke yourself
forget about me and make love to your wife
I think about
putting my hands between my legs
I think about
trying to make a difference in the world
I can be
I can be
You can see
me showing you my stockings as I slowly cross my legs
You can see
me pulling my skirt down to cover myself
I wonder
what you’d look like naked
I wonder
what to make for dinner
I am
the girl on the train smiling at you
I am
the girl hiding facelessly behind her blog
I am
real in the flesh
I am
My heart beats
when I rub myself thinking of you
My heart beats
because I’m too scared to talk to you
You wonder
if I like sex more than you
I wonder
if you like sex more than me
I play with
my pussy
I want to play with
your cock
I need
your smile
your laugh
your lips against mine
and your touch.

I am the girl next door.

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