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Friday, December 24, 2004

Hold the front page!!!

News just in:

The Girl has achieved a dashing feat, one that far surpasses any other obstacle she has overcome this year. With wit, cunning and intrigue, she has managed to arrive at a place where few people dare to go - in fact, somewhere she has never been.

That's right folks: a 72 hour abstention.

Or in other words: I've kept my dirty paws away from my heated muff for 3 whole days. No fiddling. No playing. No fingering. Not even a tickle in the area. Aren't you amazed/incredulous/proud of me? I certainly am.

Admittedly I have been busy working, socialising and Christmas shopping this week, but given my previous history of incessant hand-to-pussy frequency, I have done rather well - if I say so myself - and think I deserve a reward of some sort. My two kitcat shuffles earlier today are only a preliminary gift to myself for lasting so long; surely there should be more celebrating?

So, to the weekend and beyond: may you all have a great time eating, drinking and shagging. And when you raise your glasses, say a little 'well done' to me, in your toast.



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