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Sunday, June 20, 2004

I think I may have fallen for SP...

Yup, that's right, after everything I said about SP, I now have feelings for him. A hypocrite I may be, but how could I not be swayed by the following 20 things about SP?

1) He is intelligent
2) He makes me laugh
3) He is thoughtful
4) He is caring
5) He is kind
6) He is tactile
7) He is affectionate
8) He is emotionally articulate
9) He votes Green
10) He thinks Bush is a cunt and Blair is a tosser
11) He is a fantastic cook
12) He gives a great backrub
13) He gives great head
14) His 'Bowling ball' technique (3/4 fingered double penetration) is superb
15) He is fantastic in bed and can make love/shag/fuck hard/soft/slow/fast whatever
16) He has great staying power and can fuck all night before deciding when to cum
17) He makes me cum over and over again all the time
18) He makes me wet just by kissing me
19) His sex drive is just as high as mine
20) He is just as kinky as me...

Perhaps it was our being apart for a few days when SP was away on business last week that made me yearn for him, or maybe it was him telling me that he masturbates three times a day (yippee, a male version of me!) or perhaps it's been due to our sexual texting back and forth - whichever it was, I now find myself missing him terribly and am counting the days til we see each other again (11 to go...)

In the meantime, my sex drive is even higher than normal: 5 plays yesterday, 4 today - and all thinking about SP. Weird, but lovely. I am hoping to give this situation a chance: SP definately seems worth it, for all the above reasons, and he seems to be someone who will challenge me (intellectually) and push my (sexual) boundaries. Plus, the sex I am having with him is the best I have ever had, so I've got no complaints! Wish me luck!

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