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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Gawddamnit, not enough hours in the day. My wishlist today:

Sleep for more than 5 hours. No luck there.
Play before work. No time, see above.
Work for less than 15 hours. Nope.
Drink less than 3 coffees. No way: my double expresso Frappucino took my total to 5.
Eat well. Check. (Though the cola bottle sweets on set proved an annoying temptation for me).
Play at work - almost (though achieved this yesterday with a slamming shake and shudder(and mega headache after) during lunchtime.
Go to the gym. Check. Only time for a 30 minute run though. Still, better than 'nowt.
Have a beer after work. Nada.
Get more than 5 hours sleep tonight. Not likely, since I am blogging away now...

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