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Monday, May 03, 2004

Headaches and sex...

I had a conversation with a woman at work the other day and she mentioned that sometimes she lies to her partner and tells him that she has a headache when she doesn't want to have sex with him. I have never done this and think it's a drastic shame that a) people are not into shagging their partners at any given moment and b) that they have to lie if they are (weirdly) not in the mood. Surely a bit of honesty and a change in their sexual habits would resolve this situation?

If I had a partner I would never dream of turning him down (actually, it's usually me asking anyway), let alone pretending that I have a headache to 'get out of' sex. In fact, it's the opposite with me: I always get a headache after sex - a real mindblowing, headbanging, searing pain in the eyeballs type that only stops if I lie very very still straight after climaxing.

I am not sure why I get this - maybe it's the intensity of my orgasms and the way I shake so hard when I climax that causes it - but I am beginning to think that I am unique in experiencing this; I would like to find out if anyone else - male or female - gets a post-coital headache like I do, so hence


Do you get a headache after climaxing from sex?

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