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Thursday, April 15, 2004

An early(ish) finish - only 14 hours today - so time for a quickie...

Where I am currently at:

1) The gym: still love running. Very upset that I can only get on a treadmill once or twice a week, due to the hours I work. I haven't been to the gym for 10 days now. Gutted.
2) The cinema: the last film I saw was 21 Grams: a great film, but not the Saturday night escapism that I needed. Have a huge wishlist of movies to see right now, not able to see any of them.
3) Current affairs: I have practically given up trying to stay on top of world events. I read The Guardian on Saturday and attempt to catch up. It's so weird having no idea about what's happening on the planet.
4) Reading: Started reading Brass by Helen Walsh; seems good so far. Too tired to look at any words on paper most nights; the only thing I read regularly is the Callsheet.
5) Writing: So far, no fantastic Hollywood-bound feature films scripts have come out of my brain and splurged themselves onto the page. The only thing I have written in 4 months is this blog. And, lets face it, it's pretty one-track-minded - not exactly broadcast material...
6) Sex. Still can't get enough of it. Or thinking about it. I have been trying to remember when I became so fixated by it, but I cannot recall a time when I was ever bored by sex, or not into it, or didn't think about it.

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