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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Since my stupid hours at work recently have left me feeling frustrated, bored and increasingly horny, I decided to pleasure myself in the following ways:

1) Buy some music (a) - Catching up with old stuff: Travis, Stereophonics, Blur, Jet.
(b) - Pre-ordering new stuff: Maroon 5, Graham Coxon, The Streets, Keane.

2. Buy a (replacement for my stolen) CD walkman so that when I (get time to) go to the gym, I will be all pumped up and energised for my 5-6 mile run, listening to the above. (Please note that I only purchase items from top quality shops, ahem)

3. Watch some television (for the first time in a month): 'England Expects', a great drama with Steven Mackintosh that I taped a while back. It feels weird sitting in a chair watching the tv for two whole hours; I am so used to standing for 16 hours a day, anything else just feels odd...

4. Giving myself time to play: I came back from a nightshoot yesterday at 7am, horny as hell, and fell asleep with my hand between my legs. I was so tired I can't even remember if I climaxed; it all felt good though. And when I woke some 6 hours later, I had the most glorious 30 minute fiddle thinking about B. He is still the most popular frig material that I use to get off.. Maybe its all in my mind - whatever it is, my (self-induced) climaxes involving him are very explosive...

5. Giving in to my desires: I need sex bad. It's all well and good using my hand/s, toys etc, but I need a man. A cock to be more specific. I want the heat, the sweat, the hardness, the wetness, the passion, the 'thinking you are going blind' when you climax, that can only come from a good, hard fuck.

NB: It's 2am and B (Mr Low-sex drive/ soft-cock from last week) just texted me "hello, what are you up to" - what the fuck?!

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