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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Sex with SP...

The devil won. Not in the biblical sense of course. Just the one on my shoulder. Not that anyone should be suprised, I have been stating ad infinitum how little willpower I have…

Which of course made me think of SP. Which of course made me text him. We talked about meeting for lunch. Then he suggested he ate me. Then I told him I wanted him in my mouth. Then we had a two hour sex-texting session culminating in our (almost simultaneous) wanking in our (respective) toilets at work. Very nice.

So I drove to SP’s, spent more than 2 hours in gridlocked traffic, not helped by SP texting me that he was stroking his cock thinking of me. Trying to drive with one hand fingering yourself is quite difficult believe me (though I have tried a few times now). By the time I got to SP’s I was soaking wet, and truly gagging for it.

He opened the door and we grabbed each other, ripping our clothes off. I pushed him against the wall and kicked the door shut. By the time he discovered I had no underwear on, I was ripping off his briefs and sticking his cock in my mouth. It was all too much for him and he exploded. I think he was more bothered about it than me: he was swearing at himself and hitting the wall. I just washed my mouth out, removed my skirt and lowered myself onto his hand where he had gone to sit. I was so close and I didn’t care whether it was his cock or hand inside me, as long as he fucked me. And fuck me he did. A couple of minutes (and a few orgasms) later, I was blissed out.

Later SP suggested dessert, some bananas, strawberries and cream. I thought we were going to eat them, but he had different ideas. He first dipped the strawberries in the cream and either fed them to me, kissed me with them, or rubbed me on my nipples or between my legs with them before he licked them and ate them. The sensation of the hard fruit and the cold wet cream against me was amazing, believe me. I was on the brink every time SP let the tip slip inside me. I got down off the worktop and slipped my fingers in some cream too, rubbed them against SP’s cock. He grew harder at my touch and when I slipped him into my mouth again, he groaned loudly. I wanted to carry on, but SP lifted me up onto the worktop again and grabbed the banana, dipped that in the cream as well, before rubbing it against me. As he slipped it in, he bent down to lick me. I honestly cannot describe how truly wonderful it was to have him nibble me and eat the banana together. So hot, damn. By the time he reached for the condom, I was about to explode: he entered me and we both climaxed. Awesome.

Although I was still horny (always the sex fiend), I knew SP needed to recuperate, so we fell asleep together. When we woke, I wanted him even more, but he said he was “shagged out” and didn’t think he could get another hard-on. Which of course made me want to get him hard even more.

So I went back to basics:
The lips, the tongue, the breasts, the hands, the hair, the cold breath.

I caressed him on:
His lips, his neck, his chest, his legs, his back, and finally his cock and balls.

It was:
Slow, steady, intermittent, firm, soft, light, intense and - my favourite - very wet.

And lo and behold, 30 minutes later:
He was hard again.

I think he was more surprised than me actually, he kept looking down as if to say “is that really my erection?!”

Anyway, I kept on, until I could feel him thrusting against me and I knew he was near. He pulled me up over him and said to me:

“I trust you are suitably wet?”

Which of course I was. And as he shoved his cock inside me I exploded with all my force. Which was too much for him, climaxing as soon as I did. Lovely, if a little short. But very very enjoyable…

So, we had fun, we had great food, great conversation, and great sex. We didn’t talk about ‘us’ which I am pleased about; I am not in the place where I want to discuss things with him yet. I wanted to have fun and I did. And I do not regret doing it – not for one second. Maybe that will change, I don’t know yet. For now, I am happy and that is all that matters.

This’ll make you laugh:

When I left SP’s I had to go to the supermarket to get some food. And I was hungry. For meat. Ravenous. Now, I haven’t eaten meat for 11 years. Yup that’s right, the only meat to pass my lips in that time has been hot cock. But all I could think of was devouring some meat. I don’t know whether it was as a result of having so much cock in my mouth that day or just being pre-menstrual, but either way, all my morals, ethics and politics went out the window: I bought a packet of Pork Tongue (I mean Pork!! Tongue!! Haha) and devoured the whole thing. And very nice it was too…

So, another week, another marathon post. Here’s to another great week xx

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