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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Singapore Sling(ing)

Ah the delectable pleasures of cock(tails): like luscious liquid velvet pouring down my throat. There's something about drinking in Soho on a hot summers evening - whether it be the gay lads walking down Old Compton street arm in arm; the girls standing in the doorways of clip joints trying to entice men in; or just the proliferation of sex shops - there's an electric atmosphere that reminds me of New York City and I just love it.

I was supposed to meet up with my friend K and grab some sushi, but I ended up dragging her around the streets of W1, whilst I tried out the paddles, whips and sex toys. In the space of 10 minutes of wandering round Soho, I had in my hand:
Some Condoms (handed to me free, as a safe sex promotion)
A new (well replacement actually) Vibrator
A see-thru chemise

I am tired now (and a little drunk) though I have no right to be. I spent my day:

Drinking cocktails
And wanking (after this blog)

So its not like I've done a 17 hour day and have any right to be tired. Still, doing fuck all is exhausting though! I've gotta save my energy for the marathon with SP that lies ahead, so I'm gonna go get some beauty sleep now (ok, and will have a play - or three).

Night all

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