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Sunday, July 25, 2004


We all had a night out this week - about 2/3 of the crew were there - and boy do film crews 'do' nights out. If anyone reading this is familiar with crews, you'll understand what I mean.

I invited SP to the party. He came up to me in the club, starts dancing up against me. He didn't know that I used to dance; I grind up against him - he can barely control himself, told me to stop, that he would cum in his trousers if I didn't. But his hard-on felt good pressed up against my ass; I had a lot of fun on the dancefloor with him, mmm.

In the early hours SP and I staggered out of the club, went back to his hotel. My head was spinning from all the whisky and I fell onto a chair. SP pulled off my shoes, my trousers, and with fire in his eyes, my thong. Then he knelt down on the floor and licked me out for half an hour. I was so drunk, it felt so good, and I recall squeezing his head hard between my legs as he pushed his tongue inside me as I climaxed. Lovely.

I crawled onto the bed exhausted, but still horny. I couldn't resist lying there with my hand between my legs; I was still throbbing and wet from my orgasm. SP pulled off his clothes, sat behind me, and slid his fingers inside me. I got all worked up again, and by the time he slid another two fingers into my ass I was coming again.

I may have mentioned that I suspected SP is into being dominant - he has been pushing the boundaries a little more each time we have been together - which I love. So I am lying on my front and SP says:

"Spread your legs"

and I do. And he says,

"No. Wider. I want to see your pussy."

And I widen his view. Then he whispers:

"Play with yourself."

My fingers were travelling back down there anyway. I start rubbing my clit. I hear him moan and move towards me. Then I feel his fingers enter me and he begins to fuck me with his hand. He moves them harder and faster and it hurts and I am coming again. Then he puts his other fingers back into my ass and fucks me hard with both hands. I want his cock. I push myself up against him. He asks me:

"Do you want my cock now?"

"God yes." I answer

He says:

"Not until I think you're ready."

I beg him, tell him I'm ready. I want him inside me. I can feel him pressing against me. I can hardly bear it. He asks me again if I am ready. I almost cry with desperation, and then he removes his fingers from my pussy and slides his cock into me, his fingers still fucking my ass. I am so wet and so close. And I can't believe it: I want his cock in my ass. I was taken over by my desire. I wanted him to do it so badly. And when he slid another finger in, I knew it would be any minute now. Finally SP pulls out of my pussy and slowly slides his cock into my ass. I rub my clit furiously as he fucks my ass and moments later, I cum harder than I ever have. After my climax I lay there exhausted and he pulled out and cuddled me.

There were a few things I was suprised at:

a) That it didn't hurt (well his small cock has its advantages I guess)
b) That he didn't cum (it was all about my pleasure that night)
c) That I would want it so badly
d) That it would make me cum so hard
e) That I would end up doing it that night, especially since I've been 'saving' it until I knew he was 'the one'

But anyway, it was lovely and afterwards SP wanted to cuddle and kiss, and I was just shagged out - really. He looking at me, caressing me and starts to 'talk' again (always him bringing up 'us') and accuses me of being distant and that I was scared of commitment. I responded:

"I'm not the one making love with you and also fucking a teenager."

And he looked down and agreed with me. I said I wasn't going to 'let him in' (to my heart) and he said:

"No. Don't. Don't... Not yet..."

And I told him not to worry, that he wouldn't get close. Then he asked me if I am free this week, do I want to have dinner, stay over. I say ok. I get up to go back to my hotel - get my 2 hours sleep. He asks me to stay. I refuse. And I left. I felt good: my pleasure, my terms, my walking out. If he wants to be intimate with me, have me let him in, spend time with him, he needs to sacrifice the teenager. Full stop.

So I leave. Sleep for two hours. Go to work, feel like shit. But it was all worth it. SP texts me while we're at work, tells me he can't stop thinking about what we did. When we spoke later I told him I almost regretted having anal with him - only because I envisioned it being romantic - and I never expected to be so horny that I would beg him to do it to me. He apologised, I laughed, told him I was wet thinking about it. He sent me another text later, said he would "never forget that night" and I am thinking, no, me neither. I want to have a wank right now...

So, my first anal wasn't the 'lovemaking' experience I hoped/expected it to be. But it was fucking sexy, so go figure.


All I have been thinking about this weekend is SP fucking my ass. Never knew I would find the idea so hot. Boy have I been having some good climaxes. Been getting busy with my balls and double headed vibe too. Yummy. Think we may have to explore that area some more...

Speaking of exploration, I just had to get these for SP (and me of course):
Cock ring
Love beads
Anal lube

It looks like SP and I may have some serious fun ahead of us...

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