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Sunday, July 11, 2004

SP - the saga continues...

No time to blog, first time I've been near my computer for a week and I am off to a hotel for work in a minute. Not able to update properly: a list will have to suffice. Damn annoying, but there you go.

1. SP told me he was scared to have a relationship. I told him 'ditto'. Since that conversation we have been extremely close.
2. Didn't turn down sex with SP; we have been making love all week.
3. Saw another ex-fuck buddy this week at the studio. Not even tempted to go there.
4. Wore my black/pink basque with SP. He practically ripped off the matching thong and forced me to sit on his face. I had my first oral orgasm.
5. I sucked off SP til he came in my mouth (and his belly). Haven't let a man do that for over 15 years. What was pleasurable, was seeing the satisfaction it gave him.
6. Almost had anal sex with SP. He has been busily working away at the area with his fingers all week (much to my delight). I was very tempted to let him slide his cock into my ass, but I still wanna wait (until I know whether he is being monogamous with me).
7. SP bought me some handcuffs. It felt wonderful having my hands strapped together above my head. I love that he can dominate me and wants to pleasure me so much. It makes him hard getting me off. Fantastic!
8. I spent my first (non-working) weekend with SP. There is nothing better than being woken up with a hard cock in between your legs and a slow, deep, wet fuck. And to follow that with freshly ground coffee and a cooked breakfast is like heaven. I can't wait to see SP again...

So, things I want to do with SP, but haven't yet covered:

a) Anal sex
b) Group sex
c) Spanking
d) Fisting
e) Voyeurism

Think we've got a few interesting coversations lined up...

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