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Sunday, August 01, 2004


One thing on my mind:

Not whether I can run 5 miles in under 40 minutes
Not doing my tax return (waiting patiently for me to complete)
Not cleaning my flat (which has been ignored for a while)
Not even doing some shopping and stocking up on my:
Sex toys

No, just one thing is occupying this particular Girl with a one track mind's brain: Anal sex.

With a brief thought, I get wet, and have to escape to:
My bedroom
A friends bathroom
A public toilet

in order to quench the thirst. Since having anal with SP, its the only thing I can think about and its driving me crazy. All I want to do is try it again; have SP tease me - not fuck me til I am begging for it - then slip it in when I am not expecting it, whilst sliding his fingers inside me and rubbing me with his other hand.

Damn its getting me hot thinking about it now. Good thing I am seeing SP again in a few days; I am not sure how much longer I can bear this, I need his cock to open me up once more!

Speaking of being open: I plan to finally be honest with him this week - no more playing games or pretending. I guess being truthful with SP might be a high risk situation (where I may lose him), but the possible gains I may get with him (as well as being true to myself) are worth it I think. We'll see. Wish me luck...

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