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Sunday, August 29, 2004

I think I am in love...

They are sexy
They make me happy
They give me pleasure in bed

Yup. If I could marry my new Mini-Ipod I would. It's just gorgeous and I love it. So far I've only downloaded 300 songs onto it (another 700 to go), but it's already proving to be the best purchase of 2004...

Speaking of purchases, I wish I had a partner to give the Robo Suck 2 Masturbator to. It looks like SO much fun - and I bet even better to watch it being used...

Think my next purchase however will be the Dual Explorer. As well as loving the shape and colour of it, I like the name - it makes me think of venturing out into the unknown: something that excites me quite a lot. Certainly the dual penetrative aspect of it is immensely appealing...

Which brings me neatly to the appeal of shagging SP again. I know, before you all shout at me:

"What the hell do you wanna fuck him again for Girl???"

I must tell you that I haven't actually acted on this particular impulse - at least, not yet. I am however yearning, no, absofuckinlutely gagging to have sex with SP again. I am currently playing at least 3 times a day thinking about his cock inside me; I feel like this desire is not gonna go away until I have fucked him again.

All my logic says:

"Uh oh. Don't go there. You may get hurt. Once bitten, twice shy etc"

But my pussy goes:


And all I can think about now, is pushing him against a wall, ripping his jeans off, shoving his cock in my mouth, before raising one leg, and ramming him hard inside me. It's enough to drive a woman crazy I tell you. All this week at work its been on my mind like some kind of parallel narrative running alongside my work brain. I've been having to bash my vibrator something rotten all week - I think I may have damaged the motor (damn cheap Ann Summers crap).

Anyway, I don't know how long I can hold out. Of course I want to see SP (and in the world I work in, it would only be appropriate for SP to then whisk me off into the sunset), but even more than that, I want to fuck him. And at this point, bets are off as to whether it'll be my desire that wins over my rationality...

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