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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I have discovered that my arms are too short...

Not too short to lift a cocktail glass to my lips and sip my drink elegantly
Not too short to flirtatiously wave at the handsome man who smiled at me today
Not too short to wipe the sweat from my brow as I try to beat my 7 mile/50 minute run
Not too short to type frenetically on my keyboard when I update my blog
And not too short to fiddle regularly

No. But they are too short to do the one thing I have spent the last three days attempting to do: fist myself. Since SP did the 4-finger slide on me, I have been more than curious regarding what it would feel like to have a whole hand inside me (fingers curled, wrist at the entrance to my body). Thus I have been stretching, contorting and bending so that I am doubled over, and I still can't get my fist past the (palm) knuckle. I'm sure I could my whole hand in - but it seems I am hindered by the length of my arms - they just won't reach far enough to allow me to obtain the 'angle of perfection' that I am looking for. Dammit.

Is it possible that I cannot fist myself? Someone out there must have some advice or suggestions regarding a (self-inflicted) technique that I could try? Or am I going to have to rely on a lover to do the honours for me?

Swift responses would be appreciated...

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